• T O   S H A R E •  


Curry chicken burritos, with vegetables cheese and barbecue sauce 8,5   

Homamade Croquetas

Fried tuna and carrot balls with homemade salsa  8   

Homemade Hummus

Chickpea cream, tahini, almonds, sauces and pita bread 6,5  

Homemade Falafel

Fried balls of ground chickpeas with yoghurt sauce 6  


  •Queso Asado

Grilled white cheese with palm honey and Canarian mojos 9   

Causa Peruana


Potato cake, avocado, peppers, mayonnaise and green mojo with bread  9   


Rolls of aubergine, avocado, caramelized onion, tomato and  balsamic  8,5      

Burger Casero• 

180gr hamburger with cheese, lettuce, tomato and caramelized onion 10  

D I S H E S 

Pokè de Tierra

Sushi rice, chicken in teriyaki cream,mango,soy, topping with vegetables  11     

Pokè de Mar

Sushi rice with prawns, papaya, soy and topping with vegetables 13  

Pollo Crujiente

Homenade crispy fried chicken with homemade yogurt sauces, honey 9, 5 


Dumplings with fresh tomato sauce, cherry, mozzarella and basil 10   


Rice spaghetti with vegetables and sauce soy (Chicken, Prawns) 8-10-11   

Fake Tabulè• 

Roasted sweet potato with vegetables,green mojo sauce and parmesan  9Inserimento dell'immagine in corso... 


Aubergine layers in tomato sauce, parmesan, basil and bread  9    


Layers of pasta stuffed with meat, with tomato and parmigiano  9,5    

El Taco• 

Chicken with curry, vegetables, almonds, orange in homemade taco 13    

Secreto Iberico

Secreto Iberico with mango cream and potato chips 14  


S A L A D S 


Tomato, avocado, paprika, cucumber, onion, carrot, coriander  7,5 

Tartar De Sabor• 

Sweet potato, avocado, red onion, tomato and almonds  8   



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